Foot Care and Assessment

Our clinic provides the full scope of clinical podiatry including comprehensive foot assessments and various nail treatments.

Diabetic Foot screening

Research tells us that regular podiatric care is linked to the prevention of diabetic foot issues.  We conduct neurological and vascular examinations on each visit.

Ingrown toe nail management

Conservative wedge removal is our first approach to this painful condition.  Ingrown toe nail surgery to remove the affected edge/s will ensure a permanent solution to this issue.

Biomechanical Assessment and 3D scanning

Shockwave Therapy 


Dry Needling

Foot Mobilisation Techniques

Medical Grade Footwear

Our footwear knowledge is second to none Whether it is medical grade footwear, sports shoes with orthotics or orthopaedic sandals with footwear modifications, we can help you achieve the  best lower limb support for you.

Footwear and Orthotics

Components of good footwear generally prevent foot ankle knee and hip/back pain.  Orthotics or inner soles provide extra stability in the shoe.  This is assessment through a biomechanical examination

Children's shoe screening

Back to School screening is an important part of ensuring your children have the best start to their school year.  Please note, we conduct paediatric assessments throughout the school year.

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